Ready for you to ride

Peace of mind

We offer Full and Part Livery


Full livery

Full livery covers exercise, hay, hard feed on our programme, bedding etc

£135 per week

Part Livery

All hay, bedding, complete care. Hard feed not included. Your horse is just ready for you to ride whenever you wish.

£90 per week



Some of our happy customers…

“The team have given me and my horse a warm welcome. Deacon is looked after impeccably and I have had support and fun at the yard. Superb facilities excellent hacking and a friendly team . One very happy owner and horse :))”

“I’ve been a livery for nearly two years now and it is a very friendly, relaxed environment for both horse and rider, like no other I’ve experienced! The paddocks are well managed, the stables light and airy and each horse treated as an individual. The school is huge and the surface fantastic for all year riding. There is also ample storage room for tack, rugs etc. The hacking around the Chiselborough area is varied and includes numerous bridleways with simply breathtaking views. What’s more, I have joined the Bridles & Breeches Club; so have made the most of the fun outings and events (all optional) such as pub rides, clinics and group sessions. I’m more confident, my horse is very happy and well cared for, and they are always on hand to provide endless advice and encouragement. Thank you, Team Bowdens!”